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Unprecedented twitter hack could be made with internal tools

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Jul 6, 2020
Cybercriminals who claimed responsibility for the incident could bribe a social media employee.

Twitter has announced new data on an unprecedented large-scale cyberattack on celebrity accounts.

As a reminder, on Wednesday, July 15, cybercriminals engaged in cryptocurrency scams hacked the Twitter accounts of a number of stars and tech companies. Among the victims were Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and others. Apple and Uber accounts and cryptocurrency exchanges CoinDesk, Binance, Ripple, Gemini were also hacked. The cybercriminals published messages on the hacked pages with a call to transfer cryptocurrency to the specified bitcoin wallet.

Similar tweets suggest that the attacks on the Star Pages were coordinated. After a while, the Twitter administration discovered malicious activity and blocked the ability to post to the owners of verified accounts. "You will not be able to post tweets and reset passwords while we investigate the incident and take action," - said the administration of the social network.

While Twitter does not elaborate on exactly how the cyber attacks were carried out, Motherboard reports that screenshots are being exchanged in cybercriminal circles with internal administration tools of the social network. It was with their help that attackers could hack stellar accounts by resetting email accounts and then recovering passwords.

Motherboard journalists even managed to communicate with the cybercriminals responsible for the hacking. According to them, they paid a Twitter employee to use internal tools to change the email to which the celebrity accounts were linked.

Whether it really was so is not known for certain. However, the near-simultaneous hacking of multiple accounts protected by two-factor authentication suggests that the attackers did not just hack individual users' accounts, but at least indirectly had access to Twitter's internal tools.