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Real Carding tips

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Mar 8, 2020
Hi there,
As working as carder in Philippines for 4 years, I am in here to share some tips of real store carding.

Which track we need to write?
As we know normal your purchased dump the most important is track 2 which is transaction track.
Some of dump included track 1 or track 2.
Track 1 is used to show what name will be appear in the receipt come out from POS machine.
But honestly, only track 2 will be working fine. So just write track 2 if you dot not know how to calculate the track 1 and track 3

What is downgrade POS machine?
As we know that 220 201 these starting at number 2 dump which is chips+magnet stripe compound card.
These kind of dumps required your POS or ATM in your country must has downgrade so can be identify your dump.
However, is not all bank can be works in all country so you need to try it before starting this business.
If you really dont know just easy to choose 101 120 106 these dumps start from number 1.

How do I know our dump type?
its very easy to identify.
the number start after "=" symbol following 4 digit is expired date of dump than 3 digits is what you want to know.
this is Dec 2049 expired date and type is 101
this is Jan 2022 expired date and type is 201

Type of dump?
106 201 221 normally stand for credit card
120 220 are debit card
however 101 can stand for credit or debit both you should use bin checker to identify.

Today I just shared these idea for newbie. next time I will share more


New member
Mar 17, 2020
we really hope your right this time because i feel we will have to wait for ever......and hope you come on with good updates looking forward in seeing your store again admin.....

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hope to see you working again soon...